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Natural Health Seminar Topics

  1. Avoiding Work Related Injuries: An excellent workshop for any kind of business who is looking to reduce the risk of injuries at the workplace. Discusses simple ways to improve ergonomics, posture, lifting and other ways to work safer and more efficiently.

  2. Stress Management: Learn ways to reduce stress at work, as well as at home, get tips you can use anywhere. You will learn how to better manage stress, as well as your time, in order to reduce the harmful effects that stress may have on your overall health and productivity.

  3. The Truth About Having Incredible Health: A great workshop for anyone who wants to experience optimal health. Great for companies who want to reduce absenteeism, or any community group whose members are interested in learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Weight Loss Made Incredibly Easy: A great workshop to learn easy ways to lose weight. Reviews basic concepts of nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices and how to easily incorporate them into your basic routine.

  5. Boosting Your Immune System, Naturally: Learn easy ways to help boost your immune system naturally. Reviews how nutrition, exercise, and attitude can positively boost your immune system and reduce the harmful effects of stress. A great seminar for any company or community group looking to improve their overall health while reducing the chance of illness.

  6. Maximizing Human Potential: Live life to the fullest! In this exciting workshop, learn about the power that is within all of us; and how to unleash it in order to maximize your human experience.

  7. Women’s Health and Menopause, Live Life to the Fullest: Discusses natural ways for women to improve their health during menopause. Discusses the importance of nutritional supplements, exercise and healthy choices during this transitional time in a women’s life.

  8. Thyroid Dysfunction, Improved Function Naturally: Discusses the anatomy and physiology of the thyroid gland and the consequences of an improperly functioning one. Learn that medication may not be the only solution to improve its function.

  9. Low Back Pain, Pain Free Without Drugs or Surgery: Great workshop for any company whose employees may be at risk of injuring their lower back or experience similar physical injuries. Review ways to keep your back safe, as well as improve back pain without relying on medication. Includes handouts for proper ergonomics, posture, and back strengthening exercises.

  10. Trauma and Your Spine, Don’t Ignore the Symptoms: Discusses the reasons why you should never ignore the symptoms after a car accident or injuries. Whether you are experiencing pain or no immediate symptoms at all, there may be under lying injuries that may cause long-term damage that must be addressed.

  11. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, The Cause, The Alternative: Great for any company whose employees spend a lot of time typing on a keyboard. Discusses what carpal tunnel syndrome is, what causes it, how to prevent it, and what to do if you have it. Learn about successful treatment options other than surgery or pain medication.

  12. Arthritis, Stop its Development, Naturally: Learn what arthritis is and how it develops. Learn natural ways to help reduce its symptoms, progression, and even reverse it!

  13. Eliminating Headaches, The Drug Free Solution: Learn about the most common causes of headaches, and how to eliminate then using totally natural methods. This workshop reviews amazingly simple ways to improve even the toughest headaches.

  14. Pregnancy: Learn ways to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Investigate the importance of nutrition, exercise and other natural methods to help support your pregnancy while reducing the risks.

  15. Fibromyalgia, Drugs are Not The Only Answer: Learn exactly what is Fibromyalgia, how it is diagnosed, and natural ways to help it. There are many ways to care for it other then medication. Discusses the importance of nutrition, supplements, exercise and other alternatives that are proven to be highly successful in its care.

  16. Improving Sports Performance: Learn the secret weapons of the pros in this intriguing workshop. Learn what the professional athletes and teams use in their training, recovery and increased athletic performance.

  17. Maximizing Your Childs Health: This workshop is dedicated to improving children’s health naturally. Discusses the reasons why some children may get sick more than others and how their immune and nervous systems play a critical role in determining their overall health.

  18. Attention Deficit Syndrome, Alternative Treatments: Great seminar for any parent whose child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Discusses how to manage this common childhood condition successfully without putting your children on harmful medications that do little to treat the cause of the problem.

  19. Ear Infections, The Cause, The Correction: This workshop is dedicated to any parent who has a child who is experiencing multiple ear infections and is not responding to traditional care. Discusses completely natural ways of treating even the most severe ear infections and eliminating them for life.

  20. Asthma, Inhaler Alternatives:
    What exactly is asthma, why do only some people develop it, and are there successful alternatives to its treatment? This workshop answers these difficult questions and more. Find out how to get rid of that inhaler for good.

  21. Back Pack Safety, Avoiding Injury:
    This workshop discusses the consequences of carrying an over loaded backpack improperly to a child’s spine and joints. Learn ways of packing, lifting and carrying back packs to help reduce the risk of injury.