The Wellness Education Foundation

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Description of Provided Services

Lay Lecture Workshops: Designed to be provided for companies or school districts as a “lunch and learn” or as part of a designated meeting for their employees. These Lay Lectures are also a great choice for any local community group or organization, service club or PTA looking for speakers to come and perform presentations at their meetings. The Lay Lectures are designed to last 45-60 minutes, but can also be modified to fit anytime allotted by the organization.

Wellness Days: A Wellness Day is a special event scheduled for companies or school districts that provides a few separate health care services for their employees. A typical Wellness Day may consist of a spinal screening/postural evaluation, 10 minute chair massages, 10-15 minute acupressure session, body fat analysis, or blood pressure screening, services are depended upon the type of providers who participate. Typically, a Wellness Day would usually consist of about three different health care providers.

A Wellness Day can also be combined following a lay lecture workshop, or may also scheduled on a separate day as a follow-up to a workshop.

Health Fair: A Health Fair is similar to a Wellness Day but on a larger scale, usually a minimum of 5-8 providers. We put together a group of local health care providers to offer advice or consultations for their specific specialty. Examples would include local primary care physicians, chiropractors, dentists, orthodontists, psychologists/psychiatrists, dermatologists, podiatrists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, personal trainers and nutritionists to name a few examples.