Wellness Education Foundation

Mission Statement:

The purpose of The Wellness Education Foundation is to educate the public about wellness concepts as they relate to the whole person. Areas include physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of life. We find there is a continual need to spread the doctrine of health and wellness…for a better world tomorrow.

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The accumulation of data from patients who are seen and by volunteer doctors’ surveys from the public around the country is key to The Wellness Education Foundation success.

The Wellness Education Foundation is committed to a broad multidisciplinary approach to wellness in the constantly changing arena of health care. Future plans include developing Regional Wellness Centers to support our volunteer doctors and provide in-patient ‘Well Care’ that would assist in the healing of the chronically ill and those people who are suffering from the effects of stress on their bodies.


The definition of the word doctor from its Greek origin is teacher. Our volunteer doctors agree to assist in educating the public in wellness concepts; diet; exercise; spinal hygiene and stress reduction. We find there is a continual need to educate the public in health related subjects. Our volunteer doctors regularly give presentations to business and civic organizations.

The future of our world is in the hands of our children. To that end, the Wellness Education Foundation has plans on implementing a series of wellness education units that can be presented in K-3 schools.

Hands-on energy healthcare is the core of a comprehensive approach to wellness. Graduate work in massage therapy; post graduate continuing education and fellowship programs are planned for specific intensive training in the future.


The Wellness Education Foundation is the direct result of the particular efforts of renowned sports chiropractor Dr. David E. Wade.

Dr. Wade realized that the future direction of healthcare must be changed toward a prevention and wellness focus. In 1989, he chartered the Wellness Education Foundation, instituting prevention and education workshops for the public. Training of health care providers began in 1990 with continuing education seminars.

As a non-profit organization, The Wellness Education Foundation is required to be, and remain, independent. To that end, Dr. Wade made available expanded membership to health professionals who indicated a willingness to volunteer their time to assist in surveying, screening and speaking in the public.

Dr. Christopher Mascetta

Dr. Christopher Mascetta, DC of Ridgefield Chiropractic & Wellness Center, LLC is a participating member of The Wellness Education Foundation.

If you are interested in discussing how The Wellness Education Foundation Natural Health Seminars and Workshops might benefit your business employess or members of your organization, please call our office at 203.431.1688.