Nutritional Supplements

Why is it Important to choose Health Professionals’ Brands of Nutritional Supplements?

Health Professionas’ Brands of Nutritiional Supplemets are supplements that are only offered through healthcare practitioners offices.  This allows the nutritional supplement company more money to put into the quality of their supplements. They typically use higher grade raw ingredients which are routinely tested at a much more stringent level for impurities, quality and effectiveness.  

These products are not sold through stores, they are only available through health care providers, this ensures that the patient not only benefits from the improved quality of the product, but from the nutritional expertise and guidance of their health care provider.  

Are supplements derived from Whole Food Sources more effective than supplements derived from synthetic sources?

Typically yes! Most of the supplements that Dr. Mascetta recommends are from whole food sources.  These supplements contain nutrients from whole food and other ingredients, these special formulations have specifically selected ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of the product for the patients unique needs.

Research suggests that whole foods consumed in the diet provide nutrients in a whole food complex that is beneficial.  The whole food ingredients begin with the whole food and its synergistic cofactors to provide the patient with a natural, well-balanced nutritional supplement.  

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