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5 Ways To Express Gratitude for Great Health This Thanksgiving

Dr.Mascetta November 7, 2022 No Comments
Would you believe that a grateful heart and mind can keep the doctor away? From heart disease to diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses, a positive attitude can make all the
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How To Prevent “Scary” Low Back Injuries

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Halloween is fast approaching, and it is time to think about costumes! But before you throw a spooky yet crazy Trick-or-Treat party, ensure your back is at its best. 
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Steps on Prepping for Football

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Don’t go all out for the big game without some preparation! Here’s a few exercises to get you ready for kickoff. They will help you get your heart pumping and keep your muscles loose so you can last the entire game without tiring out!
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Is It Important To Strengthening Your Neck for Football

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Whether it’s the first ever game of your young athlete’s career or the last game of the season, it’s more than essential to ensure they’re ready for action. An athlete’s neck, which is  an important yet most ignored body part, should be strengthened before participation in football and
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Causes and Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Here are some great insights in understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Do you know that putting strain on your hand or wrist which causes that feeling of numbness or tingling may lead to something serious? The first clinical practice about this hand nerve weakness diagnosis was in 1854 when most patients presented themselves with motor and sensory
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7 Methods To Cure A Sinus Headache At Home

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It starts with pressure. You feel it in your face. You feel it behind your eyes. You can’t breathe. Your upper teeth hurt. Your ears feel full. Then, the throbbing in your head begins. Oh, the throbbing! You already know what it is…another sinus headache. So, you go to your
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How Your Chiropractor Can Treat and Prevent Sinus Infections

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No one likes the constant headache, runny nose, and general misery that sinus infections bring.  Chronic sinus issues can lead to other health issues and the need for multiple rounds of antibiotics, taking antibiotics over and over can reduce their effectiveness.   Thankfully, there are a